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Mistakes WILL happen. That’s inevitable.

But, even though you’re using watercolour,  it DOESN’T mean you need to panic.

If you follow my 2 golden rules, you’re FAR more likely to have a stress-free, FUN, painting experience:

I hope this helps you stay calm when you paint!

Anna x

  1. leanna trottman 7 months ago

    HI Anna! My biggest problem seems to be keeping that little line of white space to make my painting more 3D. I tend to be a shakier person, so a glass of merlot helps, yet and still I keep missing the mark. I did over 20 tries of the Oriental Poppy until I finally had one I felt proud to claim. Now I am back to the beginner tutorials because I realize just how much I need to learn. I’ve tossed 2 of my Snowdrop tries, incomplete (I keep swearing I will finish no matter what…so much for empty promises!) and now I’ve mucked up try 3. I wanted to resist the urge to use some kind of masking, to train myself to keep that space. Any advice?????

    • Diane 5 months ago

      Leanna, I feel your pain! I’m in the early learning phases of watercolor myself and was having a similar problem with the white areas disappearing. I think I’m using too much water in my brush, making it more difficult to control the paint flow. Also, maybe try using a smaller brush? Just some thoughts. Good luck. The more I learn, the more I know I NEED to learn!

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