Here are just a few of the lovely people whose painting skills I have helped to develop via my online school.

It would be a pleasure to help you too.

I am absolutely thrilled to have finally discovered a professional online course that teaches every detail – from how to hold the brush, mix the paint, the markings to make, and most importantly Anna’s unique painting method.

Sally Filer

My confidence has zoomed with high praise from family and friends.

I am still amazed every time I look at the work I have accomplished thus far.

Carole Jurack

Every tutorial I make visible improvement. In the photo I’m holding my first attempt at 3 of the tutorials.

Husband’s so impressed he framed them.

Kate Fletcher

After starting The School, I sold my first 2 paintings!

I’m hoping to do a show next year.

Diana Kropka

It is Anna’s belief in what her students can achieve and do achieve which is a fundamental asset to learning with her.

Hilary O’Connell

Students’ Work


The School is thorough, interesting, encouraging.

Ruth Bosveld

I have learned more in the first tutorial than I learned in the 6 week class I took at the local college.

Anna and her tutorials are the best out there!

Margie LeRoux

Students’ Work

White Cosmos

Having now got to know her as a person, her guidance and determination to encourage every level of ‘artist’ reflects her kind, gentle and caring personality perfectly.

Stella Baker

I’ve noticed that my paintings are much sharper and clearer than before.

Chunyan Zhao

Students’ Work

Black Parrot Tulip

The School is fantastic, the videos are wonderful and Anna is a GREAT teacher.

Bernie Bombardier

The improvement of my painting and understanding has progressed enormously in such a short time.

Rosemary Soper

But your method has given me great confidence and I feel I have improved so much. People have been really impressed with my work!

Nicole Howe

Students’ Work


My confidence in using watercolours has increased. My paintings are looking more realistic, and I am very pleased with my progress so far.

Keith Thompson

My confidence has grown hugely and I am enjoying learning more with each new tutorial.

Susan Leishman

Anna’s teaching is easy going and gave me confidence.


Yet your excellent teaching not only transformed my technique and improved my efforts remarkably, but also inspired me to use a much more vibrant palette.


I am enjoying your watercolour school enormously.

Tina Charnock

I’d recommend the School to everyone interested in watercolour, from budding artists to serious artists. You can jump in at whatever level you feel comfortable and the exercises allow you to progress at a rate you’re comfortable with.

Janet Lundgren

Wow, I can actually paint! Thanks to The School I’m not scared of putting brush to paper. So when Anna says “relax, enjoy” I really do.

Helen Armstrong

I have struggled for years and yet in a couple of months, with the help of the beautiful video instruction I feel my paintings have improved in leaps and bounds.

Margaret Orchard

Students’ Work


My painting have really improved with the new method of painting, they are more alive with light and shadow which I was not able to see before.

Pauline Burt

My confidence is growing and I’m pleased with the results. I believe its the most comprehensive online botanical course available and well worth the money.

Rachel Lordan

The best thing about the school is the tutorials! There are a variety of them to choose from and the steps in how they are presented are so helpful. Anna’s calm and supportive teaching in the videos come through so well that I feel like I really know her.

Sheila Perry

First of all I have actually started painting! I can see my brush skills and my ability to ‘see’ improving with every tutorial, and I am feeling confident to ‘have a go’.

Wendy King

I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Anna, I would have packed up painting because I felt like I wasn’t good enough.

Linda Keats

I really enjoy the structured guidance of the tutorials, the reassurance given throughout, the encouragement to keep going and the support of the other members.

Joan Giles

Students’ Work


Anna is a superb communicator and tutor.

Very inspiring!


Layering, tonal balance, light and shade can be achieved in a few hours with Anna.


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