If you need a dose of sunshine and you can’t get any, I’ve found painting some to be the next best thing!

In this tip video then I wanted to show you how I went about painting this Sunflower in my realistic style. Yellows in watercolour can be a challenge so I hope this will help:

If you enjoy the video, and have any tips of your own to share, please let me know in the comments below!

  1. Barb G. 2 years ago

    I have been trying to paint a Sunflower, and have 2 half done attempts.
    Thanks for the great video, will get working over the weekend.
    Also looking forward to your book!
    Love the pic of you and Ben, what a happy baby!

    • Barb G 2 years ago

      so sorry I posted the above twice, was unable to delete.

    • 花园小影 2 years ago

      Thanks for your video.It’s very useful. (BTW:your son is so cute)

  2. Maria 2 years ago

    Anna, it was a pleasure to see you with your son. What a lovely child. Good luck for all of you.
    I liked very much your video as I usually like all your drawings.
    I paint too and I am going to try to send you my sunflower.
    From Portugal my best regards

    Well it is impossible to send photos but I am sure that you would like to see.

  3. Sheryl 2 years ago

    Thanks I love painting sunflowers. Great picture what a cute baby.

  4. A Visram 2 years ago

    Dear Anna what a great artist you are. You inspire me and I’m sure the would be artists out there. I will be ordering your fab book just as soon as I can. Thank you for the videos and regular tips. Beautiful picture of mother and son. I hope he inherits your talent. Congratulations.

  5. Susan Davies 2 years ago

    This is such a lovely video – you make everything look so easy – I will try it when fresh sunflowers are in season – and the photo of you and your son is very special.

  6. Mary Caton 2 years ago

    Hi Anna as always brilliant tutorial, Ben is sooo cute and grown so much x

  7. Kathy Valeri 2 years ago

    I’m sending greetings from San Diego, California where it’s been way too warm and sunny this winter. We are now enjoying a little rain and hoping for more to make the flowers bloom. I love the cute baby picture and the snowy landscape. Your video was inspirational and very helpful. I have been learning a lot from your videos. I like painting sunflowers and love your techniques. I would send a picture but this will now allow it.

  8. Dick & Rosalie Rollins 2 years ago

    I’m going home today and try to paint your sunflower

  9. Jakkie 2 years ago

    Baby is adorable! Thanks for the sunflower, we’re having a snowstorm today,

  10. Kathy Muller 2 years ago

    Hi Anna, Love your work! I wish I could do your class’s But I’m afraid I only get 40Gig a mth. In Australia we are now coming into autumn, But have still had very hot day’s in the high 30s and high wind’s! we are very dry here no rain for 3mth’s So I wouldn’t mind some of your snow!!!! Ha ha! Looking forward to your new book! can’t wait until it arrives. Lovely little boy I have a granddaughter the same age so much fun. Kathy M

    • Author
      Anna Mason 2 years ago

      Gosh so hot where you are Kathy! Glad you’ll be able to enjoy the book.

  11. Kaylee 2 years ago


    Such a beautiful sunflower – they are my favorite flower, so I will be using this video to attempt painting one! Wish me luck!
    Looks like you and Ben are making the most of the colder months, such a cute baby!

  12. Ginette 2 years ago

    I can’t wait to do the sunflower ! Such a great gift from you ! Thanks a lot from Montreal , Canada !

  13. Patty 2 years ago

    Thanks for the tips, Your painting are lovely and inspiring. Also, wanted to mention that your baby is precious.

  14. Jan lott 2 years ago

    I’m so inspired Anna I just can’t thank you enough for sharing your talent and your classes I plan on taking them as soon as I receive my equipment in the mail again thank you so much I’m excited Jan Lott

  15. Carol Dunham 2 years ago

    I love the tip videos. I am just starting on painting with watercolours. I will not start until May or so. Are your classes good for beginners?

    • Author
      Anna Mason 2 years ago

      I’ve made beginners a real focus of the School so yes Carol!

  16. Prabha 2 years ago

    Thanks for the class Anna. Lovely to see you and your little boy! I like the way you get your lights without masking fluid.

  17. creatingincolors 2 years ago

    Thank you for another great video. I must try this. And what an adorable photograph of you and your baby boy – lots of happiness there!

  18. Linda Cornelius 2 years ago

    Sunflower looked amazing,
    Please can u tell me where u aquired your lovely, movable, wooden , art board you are using in your classes

    Regards Linda Cornelius

    • Author
      Anna Mason 2 years ago

      If you visit the Equipment section of the site (under the Learn to Paint like Anna menu) you’ll find details of where to buy online!

  19. Paula 2 years ago

    Just love this picture of you and your precious Ben! I have followed you from the beginning…bless you both!

  20. Roseanne 2 years ago

    Anna…love the photo of you and your sweetling, Ben. This vid is awesome. You make it seem doable. Keeping me motivated.
    Best to you.

  21. Catriona 2 years ago

    Gorgeous baby! And great hats, And Sunflower.

  22. Phyllis Kirigin 2 years ago

    Beautiful sunflower, Anna. AND a beautiful baby boy Ben. My first grandson Griffin resembles Ben a bit, He, too, is 6 months old.

  23. Annie 2 years ago

    Wow~ It ‘s Wonderful. I thought it was very difficult for me but now I ‘d like to try to sunflower.
    Thanks Anna ~~ this is first post when I join your class. I will show you my paint next time~~~I’m from Korea.

  24. Deborah Wilson-Zweig 2 years ago

    Love this video! I can’t wait to try it!
    Ben IS beautiful! Big boy!!!!
    Many blessings ~

  25. Diane Spahr 2 years ago

    You made it look so easy! I guess waiting for each stage to dry is the hard part. I love your style!

    • Author
      Anna Mason 2 years ago

      Actually with the right paper it dries super quickly so I never have to wait Diane. Thanks for your comment!

  26. Ellen 2 years ago

    Liked the tip for painting sunflowers. Thanks

  27. Rachel 1 year ago

    WOW. Fantastic painting and so easy to follow.

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