This Blackberry (also featured in my latest book) is a great exercise in creating form by painting tone and establishing shine and texture with brush technique. With its limited palette it’s not too taxing when it comes to colour mixing, but it will push you to get dark enough...

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Bluebells mean SPRING, my favourite time of the year! Here in the UK we’re used to seeing these en-masse where they create the most wonderful carpets of hazy colour. But in this tutorial we take a close look at them and paint their beautiful, tubular detail; capturing their iridescence...

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Sunflowers are super inspiring symbols of Summer. Their gorgeous glowing yellow hues cry out to be painted. But have you struggled to paint yellows? Achieving tonal variation within them can be very tricky. Plus the Sunflower’s detailed centre is just sooo complex. Don’t worry! I’ll walk you through both...

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Painting this tasty coconut is all about creating visual textures alongside form. In fact, it’s the subject I use in the Understanding Visual Textures video because it contains them all! We’ve got the very hairy outside of the shell, the rough texture to the cross section of the shell...

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These mushrooms are the perfect beginner tutorial, or a great way to swat up on your form-painting skills and your ability to handle your paints with subtlety. The hues in them are very limited so this is really all about building up layers of colour carefully and gradually to...

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Red Rose

Red roses often have a rich velvety colour and texture to them which can prove intimidating to paint – especially in watercolour. There’s a greyish quality to that velvet-like colour that has to be handled carefully for a realistic result. AND we need to ensure that the tonal balance...

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This pumpkin is a great beginner tutorial, allowing you to create rounded form quickly.  It’s great for getting to grips with colour mixing too as we work with a few versions of the orange mix, adapting our mix to what we see in the reference photo. I think you’ll...

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