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  1. gail santos 2 years ago

    I LOVE Ira Glass!!! Where I live we are lucky to have his program every weekend on Public Radio Broadcasting (PBS) I always have the radio on when I am painting and his program is one I make time to listen to. I am so glad you sent this. I know in my own work I look for the areas in the painting where “I got it”, the paint and brush strokes worked in the way I wanted. Maybe not for the whole painting but the more the more I produce the more of these “got it” areas I find.

  2. Sandie Barrie 2 years ago

    This is so true! I am getting ready finally to start painting. Anna, I have been quietly following your school for awhile and look forward to get started on painting. By this time next week, I will have something to upload! Have a fun day!!

  3. NimbleD 2 years ago

    Oh, yes! Anna, your tutorials and teaching methods are simply excellent, but when my membership lapsed for a couple of months I found I also missed your newsletters and the community. You offer such fantastic support through practical and useful encouragement and you take time to engender a sense of inclusiveness and mutual support in the school community. You have an excellent team as well. Membership has been a very positive all around.

  4. Tim Norton 2 years ago

    I have faith that wha Ira Glass shared is true because I have seen improvement in my art. That improvement is a direct result of what I have learned from following along with Anna over the past year. I have completed almost every tutorial. However, without Anna’s help I find that I’m still in the struggling phase. What I produce is much better than a year ago, but it is still not as good as what I produce when following along with Anna. I’m glad that you shared this brief inspirational clip. I will continue to struggle on in hope that one day I will meet my own expectations.

    • Author
      Anna Mason 2 years ago

      I’m sure you will Tim, keep at it! The fact that you see some improvement shows you are growing in your skills, just give it some more time.

  5. Wendy Robinson 2 years ago

    Interesting video. It came at a time when I am feeling pretty low. It’s made me think and I will definitely get my paints out again. Thank you Anna.

  6. Roberta Dianne 2 years ago

    Anna, I am having so much fun learning to paint, which is in part learning to see. Your tutorials are helpful, many times I say to myself,…..”why are we doing it this way? I don’t see how this is going to turn out” but by the time I’m finished I can see how we got there, and I’m pleased with the results. The paintings I’ve attempted would not have turned out well if I tried it on my own without your guidance. I love the step by step color mixing and shaping with tone and hue. I am in the phase of painting as much as I can so that, like Ira says, eventually what I’m painting will match my creative expectations.

  7. Karen Cook 2 years ago

    The video is absolutely awesome and so inspiring as is your school!!! Youve given me the tools/process to paint subjects that i’ve never been able to do on my own. Thank you!!

  8. Yvonne Lilley 2 years ago

    I started drawing and painting about twenty years’ ago and the first ten years I was just not satisfied with anything I was doing Everything seemed amateurish until I joined a group and one of the ladies there spent a lot of time just giving me snippets of advice but it was enough for me to want to improve my pictures and improve them I did. I love botanical art but know I will never make a professional artist. So what! I love what I do and because of classes like Anna’s it is much easier now than it used to be to get advice that is not given in a didactic way and with a great deal of empathy for the student.

  9. Janet D'Ambrosio 2 years ago

    Dear Anna,

    I have been following your tutorials for a few months now. I am so afraid to post anything I do. I feel like everyone else has talent. Those ladies you talk to, other students who have been painting for years, they all look wonderful. Some even suggesting pictures that you love and then you post them.

    I am not like that. I have many talents and many more endeavors. I would like to be a fine water colorist. All my children love my drawings, mostly faces…..but I am waiting to try a “colored” face. I did try one and it looked like a joke. I think doing your botanicals helps me the most with painting.

    Do I dare get more active and post my picture and post my crummy attempts at water color? I know you will say “Yes, this is what it is all about”. But it is not about embarrassment!

    I guess I am looking to you for some real encouragement.

    Thank you for your time. I hope your “team” lets you read this because it really goes deep in my soul.

    Warm Regards,

    Janet D’Ambrosio

    • Sherry 2 years ago

      I haven’t posted mine either but I’m going to now! Everyone is so nice with lots of helpful advice and encouragement. So, don’t feel alone about not posting your stuff, I have felt the same way too but constructive critism always helps.

  10. Kyunghee Johnson 3 months ago

    I had no motivation these days. This video helps me to keep painting and produce work. Thank you Anna for posting this video and that helping me.

  11. Frances White 5 hours ago

    The video was inspiring and it is really about painting all the time practice, practice never give up and one will reach the stage of I am happy with what I have done, although we never stop learning.

  12. Thomas Van Driel 3 hours ago

    Anna, it was good of you to send me this video. I know it was partly motivated by a desire to “re”enroll a former student, but that’s okay. I remember fondly my brief sojourn as an Anna Mason School “student”. Your tutorials are great! I think that I will always be my own worst critic, and I’m okay with that too, because it continues to raise up the goal of constant improvement. It’s the journey that matters. The destination is always ahead.
    I wish you the best in your pregnancy and delivery. I think motherhood is one of the greatest works of art.


  13. Jennifer Willson 3 hours ago

    I was a very active member of this wonderful school for a couple of years. I only stopped membership as my iPad was not compatible with any of the videos when the system was updated. I have not stopped painting and now do commission’s for dog portrait. Only through constant painting I found what was right for me. I’m learning all the time, esp when I take on the challenge of a dog that I’m sure i can’t do…….and I surprise myself.
    Thank you Anna for giving me the confidence. All best wishes to you always. X

  14. Sue Visker 1 hour ago

    Yes Anna I believe the wY you set up your classes does encourage us to work at it. I agree with the video you shared. I think it comes down to these questions. Do you really want to improve and are you willing to put the time into it. Every successful artist has told me the same, practice everyday in some way doesn’t have to be big or a masterpiece. Just quit watching, or gathering new products. Just Do it
    Finding friends to join you every week on a certain day really helps

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