Add some Wow to your Watercolour!

Learn to paint this lifelike pear in a free 1-hour class.

In-Depth Video Instruction for All Skill Levels

In this 4-part video course, you'll learn how to paint a luscious looking pear. It's actually easier than you might think (check out others' results below)! My unique wet-on-dry method teaches you how to achieve the texture, realism, and vibrancy that will make your watercolour painting really pop.


Choosing the Right Equipment

Learn about my favourite go-to brushes, paints, palettes, and other watercolour painting essentials that will set you up for success without breaking the bank.

Staying Motivated and Overcoming Creative Blocks

I'll share my advice as a self-taught, professional watercolour artist on how to overcome the Top 5 Blocks to Learning. I'll also send you painting tips and techniques, additional video demos, and nuggets of inspiration once or twice a month to keep you motivated!

Learn My Unique and Proven Method

That's trusted by thousands of watercolour artists

My watercolour method can get you painting the way you've always wanted to! Learn more...

Check Out These Results!

These are pictures of actual paintings done by people just like you who've taken this class. Absolutely no touch ups were made to these photos. Pretty cool, right?

I didn't think I would ever be able to paint something even vaguely reallistic, so I was delighted after taking Anna Mason's free online class!"

Linzi, Manchester, UK

My first watercolor painting I'm not ashamed to show off, thanks to Anna Mason's wonderful tutorial. I can't believe the difference in my results between this pear and all of my previous attempts!

Chris, San Diego, USA

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