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Want to paint realistic watercolours?

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that you COULD be good at painting, if only you had been able to dedicate some time to it?

And perhaps had some tuition?

If that’s how you feel, then I KNOW you could.

My unique method has enabled hundreds of people in over 40 countries around the world to get the results they are looking for and to relax and enjoy painting.

Find out more in this little video I’ve made…


Find out how my online School can help

Equipment you’ll need

To start the School tutorials you’ll need the ‘essential’ paints, paper, brushes and palette Anna recommends. You can find out more, buy online & download a PDF of the list here.

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The School Difference

“I am absolutely thrilled to have finally discovered a professional online watercolor course that teaches every detail – from how to hold the brush, mix the paint, the markings to make, and most importantly Anna’s unique painting method.”

Sally Filer


What’s Included

Membership of the School gives you access to the highest quality video tutorials and a LOT more.

Select a tab below to find out about each component of the School

Video Tutorials

Each tutorial consists of 4 to 6 videos each detailing a step in the process of painting a subject. Most subjects are botanical (flowers & fruit) with animals and insects too. But the method can just as effectively be applied to non-botanical subjects as well.

You’re shown everything. No fancy camera work, just clear, close-up footage and detailed instruction from Anna.

Membership provides you with:

  • Access to the full library of tutorials (and the library is added to every month with a new tutorial)
  • Each tutorial accompanied by a reference photograph & outline drawing for you to work from
  • Tutorials aimed at all levels of ability including complete beginners

* Videos are for streaming, not downloading, so you will need have an active subscription and a high-speed internet connection in order to watch them.

Sample Video Tutorial

If you’d like to try out a video tutorial, sign up to the free class – it includes one!

Knowledge Base

This is a set of over 20 informative videos where Anna demonstrates and explains every aspect of her technique in thorough detail. From drawing through to colour mixing and brush technique.

This is a really valuable library to refer to when you’re working on your own projects, or when you have a go at one of the video tutorials.

* Videos are for streaming, not downloading, so you will need an active subscription and a high-speed internet connection in order to watch them.


Knowledge Base Videos

Covering the fundamentals of the technique

More Practice

It’s so important that you just PAINT, so Anna aims to provides you with lots of support so you can do just that. So in addition to the step-by-step tutorials, you get:

Sketchbook exercises

Guidance on a series of sketchbook exercises – perfect for when you don’t have much time spare – and invaluable for building your skills.

Practice Pics

These are photos Anna’s taken that I make available for you to paint from. You get a new one every month from Anna plus members can share their own photos with eachcother.

You get to put into practice the skills you are gaining in the tutorials and can get tips from fellow School members.



Learning is more fun when you do it with others.

As a member of the school you are a member of a private social network where you can post your paintings, chat and discuss tutorials with all the other members.

And not only is learning with others more fun, an encouraging comment from someone else experiencing the same challenges, can spur you on to keep painting, and keep improving.

Anna is also active in the community but we cannot guarantee individual comments or feedback from her.


“It is lovely belonging to a community of like minded people. Art can be quite a lonely hobby at times but with “the community” you can share ideas, offer suggestions and it is really encouraging to receive comments about your work when posted on-line from other members.”
Margaret Orchard, Norfolk, UK

School member Testimonial

“I love the way each step by step introduces a new technique. I’ve learnt more and improved more with Anna’s School than any other course I’ve done.”

Susan Leishman, Edinburgh, Scotland

A Selection of Available Tutorials

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School members’ Work



The School is fantastic, the videos are wonderful and Anna is a GREAT teacher. I am thrilled with what I am doing.

The improvement of my painting and understanding has progressed enormously in such a short time…

Most of all Anna ‘s teaching is incredibly clear and inspiring. It is so easy to follow and repeat over and over again.


The videos are hosted on the School website and can only be streamed (watched when you are connected to the Internet), not downloaded to your own computer. So to access the video tutorials you need to be a member of the School website, with an active subscription.

As a member, you have access to ALL the video tutorials – that’s all the old ones AND the new one that’s added each month. So you can access all of them the whole time you’re a member.

No, the videos are streamed, but so long as you have a high-speed internet connection and are a member of the School, you can watch them as many times as you like.

There really is no way of getting ‘behind’ in The School. Although Anna releases a new  tutorial every month, all the previous tutorials remain available, so you are not rushed to complete them, and can do so at your own pace.

If you find yourself struggling to get down to a painting session, my fortnightly emails will help spur you on – as will our discussions in the School about how to stay motivated.

This is a self-directed, group learning experience.  Support and feedback from fellow members is readily available.

The School content is designed by Anna and while she’s is active in the School community, we cannot guarantee individual feedback from her on paintings you upload.

I want you to be happy in The School. If you join and decide it’s not for you, please contact me within 7 days for a full refund.

The School is PRIVATE, and therefore everyone who is there is there to learn and to encourage others. There is guidance on navigating and using the site but it is pretty intuitive.

“I have always been reluctant to join any online forum before, but once I saw the work people were doing, and the friendly interest which Anna and the other members showed to each other I lost my apprehension!” Wendy Kind, Norfolk, UK

The School really is suitable for ALL levels of experience. If you are a total beginner, you will be shown EVERYTHING you need to know to start. All that is required is that you make sure you are KIND to yourself and don’t expect yourself to produce masterpieces from day one. The atmosphere in the School is one of support so you will receive no harsh critiques – I insist on it!

“I’d recommend the School to everyone interested in watercolour, from budding artists to serious artists. You can jump in at whatever level you feel comfortable and the exercises allow you to progress at a rate you’re comfortable with.” Janet Lundgren, Canada

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Types of payment methods accepted

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Using your credit card through via our website and Stripe is totally safe. Our website is SSL certified and we do NOT store your card details, Stripe does. They are PCI compliant to the most stringent standards. For more information on their gold standard security see here.

Getting Help

If you ever have a problem with the subscription process, you can get help and resolution by emailing my team via

You can pay in any one of 18 major currencies, so the answer is probably yes!  This means you’ll know exactly what you’ll pay each month and payments won’t vary due to changes in exchange rates.

You’ll be able to cancel your payments whenever you like via your Account page of the School website.

You can give a 6 month membership as a gift. Find out more and buy here.

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Got a question about billing? Check the FAQs.

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