How to paint a blueberry with just one colour

The full Step-by-Step tutorial showing you how to paint a blueberry using just ONE colour is available in my online School.

But for those of you who aren’t in The School, and for those School members who are yet to tackle it, you can see a really quick, sped up demo to give you a feel for how the technique works here.

The full tutorial shows me painting in real-time and is an exercise all about working to change the TONE of your paint (how light or dark it is) by altering the consistency of the mix by adding more or less water. By doing so you can:

  • create a round looking blueberry with a great 3D feel
  • create the patches of lighter ‘bloom’

And by playing with different brush techniques you can create the many different visual textures which give the bloom a powdery, scratched sort of look.

It’s a really useful exercise for anyone learning to paint in this style.

And here are the first 3 completed blueberries. I think you’ll agree it’s the start of a very tasty looking crop:


Happy painting!

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  1. Meeta Dani on January 21, 2015 at 5:30 am

    I love the way you teach and you are so willing to share your knowledge. I am happy that I have found you

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