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Realistic red roses watercolour
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Red roses are about the most romantic flowers you can paint. Their velvety texture is so evocative.

But it’s also a challenge to paint – not least in watercolour.

So in this video I show you the process I went through to achieve those velvety effects:

Why not grab your sketchbook and play around with these techniques this weekend.

If you are inspired to have a go, or you have any other rose painting tips to share, please leave me a comment below!

  1. Tari Loomis-Trapenard 4 weeks ago

    Hello. I was wondering do you ever use Acrylic paints to paint with?
    Your watercolor paintings are amazing but because I love acrylic paints I was just wondering…I know I can water down the acrylics for a watercolor effect though.
    Amazing rose.
    Thank you.

  2. KAY 4 weeks ago

    Thank you for sending these videos. I particularly appreciate the encouragement to get painting again. Right now I am in a slump and just can’t get started again! Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Cathy Veselka 4 weeks ago

    Thank you so much! Your videos are so inspiring and encouraging. You are a master teacher as well as a brilliant artist.

  4. Tango 4 weeks ago

    Fantastic tutorials, Anna! I have just been watching the pear tutorial too. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. Subscribed on You Tube 🙂 I think I am addicted.

  5. June Covey 4 weeks ago

    Thank you Anna. I too was in a bit of a slump having to deal with some family illness problems etc and I saw your rose tutorial and then Sally Larigan posted a beautiful rose so it really encouraged me to paint it. I found it very difficult but I did enjoy the challenge.

  6. dan fender 4 weeks ago

    Inspired to have a go? Indeed!

    Still, I am on my fourth “go” with the rose in your extra find book “Modern Flower Painter”. An excellent lesson and sufficiently challenging. Your fun rose video is a “bridge too far”. for me. I do love your explanation, surely, and I am awe-struck, surely. And I shall dither for now.

  7. Jenny 4 weeks ago

    Thank you It is a lovely rose.And i found it very difficult.

  8. maysoon aldoori 2 weeks ago

    I loved this video Anna and as always something new to learn. Please keep them coming I look forward to them. Happy painting

  9. Ewa 1 week ago

    Thank you Anna! Your paintings are beautiful. Velvety effect is so difficult!

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